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I’m so hyped to get you healed and in shape. As a physical healer and an intuitive trainer. I find it best when I’m able to assess each of you and talk about your body: any pains, weaknesses and strengths in your body. I train with a combination of HIIT, strength and conditioning, yoga, Pilates and reactive power training. All based on your  ability of course.

With me you get so much more than a trainer. As a goddess, a multi-dimensional being, I lead with love. With that I’m so In tuned with you that I become you and am able to train your body from my perspective. Of course our goals will be aligned. See my testimonials below of clients I have healed and shaped. 

Nina Anziska

Tuekeha is an all star trainer that has instilled in me how bad ass I really am. She has given me the gift of hope in the pursuit of my marathon running dreams and has made me stronger than I ever knew I could be physically and mentally.


Evan Anziska

Tuekeha gave me full confidence that it is possible to reach your goal body in older age.

Josh Tuekeha has helped align my body specifically in the legs and has made my upper body so much stronger than it used to be

Doug Econn

I have a cement neck that has not been too mobile in 8 years. Upon hiring Tuekeha, she immediately gave me a sensation in my neck I haven't felt since physical therapy 8 years ago. My neck went from a 30 degree movement to an 80 degree movement. 


Alvina Villabolos

I had a total body transformation working with Tuekeha. She was so patient in educating me on how my muscles work and the best movements to reach my goals. My butt sat up right assimilating a butt lift, my tummy was flat, my upper body strong and my legs really got developed. I have never been in such good shape in my life! 

Nariah Ford

Tuekeha has helped keep me accountable with my diet and exercise. She gave me a meal plan to follow and along with her workouts, I am down 15lb in three months! 



Tuekeha as helped me recognized misalignment in my body. I am a dancer and have weak ankles and knee.


My knees buckle, Tuekeha has worked on developing the muscles around my knees and has done an outstanding job in explaining how the knee is supposed to move. As a result, I am so much more sturdier and I control of my dancing.

Tiffany Crenshaw

Tuekeha has helped me lose 30lbs. She pushes me just enough for me to feel like i can continue past fatigue. The more I train, the stronger I get. 

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