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TUEBEFIT is a lifestyle brand currently servicing any self identifying woman. With the perfect harmony between luxury and comfort, TUEBEFIT puts culture in product and services.


Tuekeha Huntley, founder of TUEBEFIT LLC. Built the business on the service side first. As a LA based intuitive personal trainer and physical healer, she loves healing people through fitness.

TUEBEFIT’s brand identity is heavily involved in the community. Ten percent of all online profit goes towards the Ujima Organization which is an aspiring non-profit in Los Angeles with the goal to improve marginalized communities through education and resources.


TUEBEFIT core values are accountability, peace, productivity, positivity, prosperity, power and profits. TUEBEFIT inspires others to be the best version of themselves, it’s a mindset that leads your lifestyle.


The relationship she develops with customers is inspiring and high energy. TUEBEFIT customers should feel loved and inspired when interacting with TUEBEFIT products and services.


TUEBEFIT encourages you to break through resistance. As a service, we hold you accountable pushing you past your limits to make your goals a reality. As an athleisure brand, we push you to believe you can be luxurious, sexy and comfortable at the same time.


The goal of TUEBEFIT is to inspire 100s of 1000s of people. To go from a start up, to a studio fitness space and facility that employs family members, felons and young people. TUEBEFIT’s goal is to expand to Men’s athleisure wear. TUEBEFIT is a lifestyle brand that shares a network of customers believing in the same core values.

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